JANUARY 28 – LORD OF THE LOST – New Video For ”Loreley“ Out Now!

Photo Credit: Franz Schepers

After LORD OF THE LOST’s very successful 2018, they aren’t even thinking about taking a break. Right in time for their next tour, they’ve released an impressive new music video.

The Germans act between grace, elegance and gloomy harshness in their fifth video taken from their successful album “Thornstar” (#6 in German Charts). The video shows a very new visual side of the band.

“Loreley” is a female spirit and demigoddess in the Pangaeian civilization, which Thornstar tells us about in the song and video. She conveys the dead into the realm of the souls, equivalent to what we call Heaven today. She is the most direct link between Pangaeians and their maker. In the new video, “Loreley” is vividly illustrated by a graceful dancer. It leads the viewer directly in the deepest innards of the Pangaeian culture. 

LORD OF THE LOST on the new video and the upcoming tour:  “2019 – the Thornstar-tour continues and we never stand still. A steady alteration, musical and optical, is omnipresent in the history of LORD OF THE LOST and so it is always important to us to present our music visually in the exact way we feel it. „Loreley“ combines beauty and grace with brutality and exaggerated kitsch. We are sure interpretations won’t come to a general conclusion.”

CD 1:  1.      On This Rock I Will Build My Church 2.      Loreley
3.      Black Halo 4.      In Our Hands 5.      Morgana 6.      Haythor 7.      Naxxar 8.      Cut Me Out 9.      The Mortarian 10.   Under The Sun 11.   In Darkness, In Light
12.   Forevermore 13.   Ruins

CD2 (available in the strictly limited Digipack)
1.      Abracadabra (feat. Dero Goi / OOMPH!)
2.       Voodoo Doll 3.      The Art Of Love
4.      Lily Of The Vale 5.      Penta 6.      Free Radicals
7.      Live Pray Die Repeat

CD 1  *Raining Stars *Wander In Sable *Dry The Rain *The Devil You Know *The Love Of God *Ribcages *The Sands Of Time *Six Feet Underground *Beyond Beautiful *Waiting For You To Die
CD 2  *Fall Asleep *Drag Me To Hell *Prison *See You Soon *Full Metal Bawl (The True Story About Her Death) *Fists Up In The Air *My Better Me *Annabel Lee *The Broken Ones *Credo *Lost In A Heartbeat *Lighthouse


26.01.19 IT – Prato
19.02.19 LV – Riga
20.02.19 EE – Tallinn
21.02.19 FI – Tampere 
22.02.19 FI – Helsinki
23.02.19 RU – St. Petersburg
24.02.19 RU – Moscow
25.02.19 RU – Ekaterinenburg
27.02.19 RU – Novosibirsk
21.03.19 DE – Kiel 
22.03.19 DE – Zwickau
23.03.19 DE – Ingolstadt
28.03.19 DE – Siegburg
29.03.19 DE – Karlsruhe
30.03.19 DE – Giessen
05.04.19 MT – Dark Malta Festival
11.04.19 DE – Bremen
12.04.19 DE – Bochum
13.04.19 CH – Aarburg
20.04.19 DE – Herford
25.04.19 DE – Wurzburg
26.04.19 DE – Erfurt
27.04.19 DE – Memmingen
28.04.19 DE – Hexentanz Festival
05.05.19 DE – Unter Schwarzer Flagge Festival
14.05.19 BY – Minsk
16.05.19 UA – Kharkiv
17.05.19 UA – Kiev
18.05.19 UA – Lviv
07.-10.06.19 DE – Wave Gotik Treffen
11.-14.07.19 PL – Bolkow / Castle Party Festival
21.07.19 DE – Amphi Festival
26.07.19 DE – Festevil Nopperhof
14.-17.08.19 DE – Summer Breeze Festival
16.-17.08.19 AT – Metal On The Hill Festival 

***10 years LORD OF THE LOST anniversary shows***
06.12.19 DE – Hamburg (Rock Show, Tickets available!)
07.12.19 DE – Hamburg / Markthalle (Rock Show, Sold Out!)
08.12.19 DE – Hamburg / Friedrich-Ebert-Halle (Ensemble Show, Sold Out!)
09.12.19 DE – Hamburg (Ensemble Show, Tickets available! ONLY AT EVENTIM!)

*Chris Harms: Vocals, Guitar, Cello
*π: Guitar
*Class Grenayde: Bass
*Gared Dirge: Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion, Guitar
*Niklas Kahl: Drums  


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